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School of Ants makes the front page of The Chicago Tribune. Read the story here, or what goes on behind the scenes when a reporter collects ants.

Awesome video interview with School of Ants participants in Chicago.

School of Ants article in the Science and Technology section of The Raleigh News & Observer

NCSU covers the School of Ants. Read the article.

Scientific American podcast about School of Ants. Read and listen here.

School of Ants hits WIRED magazine! Read the article.

School of Ants is discussed on both Myrmecos and Wild About Ants blogs.

Time magazine voted one of our newly discovered high-elevation ant species as #3 in the ‘Top 10 New Species of 2010‘.

Conservation International reports on the results of RAP surveys in Papua New Guinea, with photos of new species and videos from the field.
Coverage includes articles from Science, Time, Wired, NPR, Science Daily, Live Science, MSNBC, Fox News, National Geographic, Scientific American.

Newly described ant species get noticed in the blogosphere. Read the post on Myrmecos blog.

Adventures above the Ant Line. Read my guest post on Myrmecos blog.

The recently described ant species Lordomyrma reticulata is among 123 new taxa highlighted in WWF’s The Heart of Borneo Forests project. Link to the article & photos from The Guardian (UK) or to the article & photos from CNN. The WWF report is available below as a PDF.


School of Ants has the most entertaining instructional video you’ll ever watch!

Short interview about Zombie Ants.

Watch this video about working (and Winklering) in Papua New Guinea with Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment Program.

Learn about other social insects.