Andrea Lucky

The Andrea Lucky Lab

I am an evolutionary biologist and biodiversity scientist with a focus on insects and invasion, and my training is specifically in the evolution of ants. The tools I use range from insect morphology to molecular genetics to phylogenetic statistics to micro-CT scanning. These tools allow me to answer questions about the relationships among different species of ants and the timing of diversification that have led to the distribution patterns we see today.In addition to my research interests, a major goal of my work is to make science accessible and available to the general public, particularly to make the process of ‘doing’ science accessible to non-scientists.

Meet the Lucky Lab

Interested in joining the Lucky Lab? Contact me to find out more about MS, PhD and postdoctoral positions. If you are motivated, independent, have research experience and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree with a focus on ants, invasion, systematics, population genetics, biodiversity, citizen science or science education send an email with your CV, a description of your interests and two references. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

The Lucky Lab position on diversity and inclusion: The Lucky lab values and fosters a diverse and inclusive community and we are proud to welcome members with a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives and ideas. Because of our strong commitment to promoting fact- and reason-based objective inquiry in this this lab environment, we unconditionally reject and denounce discrimination, bigotry and hateful rhetoric.